Refreshing the page may resolve the problem.

If the audio isn’t captured correctly while you are recording your responses, you may receive  an error. To fix this issue, make sure to pause before and after your response when repeating the prompts you are given and ensure that your entire response is captured.

While you record your responses, speak at a normal pace and volume, as if you are talking to someone in the same room as you. You only need to repeat the prompt once. If you repeat the prompt multiple times, the automated speech recognition software won’t be able to score your prompt accurately, and you may receive a lower score. 

If the automated speech recognition software finds a pattern of non-scorable audio, an error message will prompt you to reach out to support to fix audio issues before proceeding. If the speech engine still does not find any scorable audio after 3 questions, your test will be deemed unscorable. 

Commonly Seen Recording Errors

If Your Browser Blocks Your Microphone

When completing the in-test microphone check, your browser may block the microphone for recording after you listen to the first prompt. If this occurs, you will not be able to click on the microphone button to start recording. 

To remedy this,click on the microphone/video icon in the URL bar. This will give you a dropdown menu with some options. Make sure to select the option “Always allow ‘’ to access your microphone”, then you select “Done”. You will need to refresh the page to be able to complete the microphone check. 

Browser Requirements

If you are unable to hear the audio from the microphone check or record responses when recording, we suggest checking your browser and device requirements and making sure they match our ‘Device and Browser Requirements’. 

You should also ensure your browser is up to date before you begin your assessment. 

Here are some resources to help you do this:


•    Google Chrome:

•    Firefox:

•    Edge:

Contact Support

If you have tried the previous steps and are still encountering issues please contact our support department by sending an email to

When emailing support please note that it can take up to a business day to get a response. To speed up the troubleshooting process please include the following in your email. 

  • The Name of the Organization that is having you take our test 

  • The email that you registered your account with 

  • What browser are you using

  • A brief description of everything that happened before you encountered the error

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