The TrueNorth speaking assessment is a listen and repeat test. You will first listen to a response, then record what you heard as accurately as possible. The test will score your responses using automated speech recognition software, so your audio quality is important to getting an accurate score. There are several factors to consider when recording your responses. 

Your Environment

The test will take around 15 minutes. During that time,we ask that you find a quiet environment where you will not be disturbed by others and that is free from any echo or background noise.

Device Instructions

If you are taking the test using a headset and microphone, make sure to keep the microphone 3-5 centimeters (1-2 inches) away from your face and refrain from touching the microphone while recording. 

If you are taking your assessment with a smartphone, please note that it can pick up significant background noise and make sure to test in a very quiet environment. 

How to Speak

When recording your responses, make sure to pause before and after you repeat the prompt to ensure that your entire response is captured. 

While you record your response, speak at a normal pace and volume, as if you are talking to someone in the room. You only need to repeat the prompt once. Repeating the prompt multiple times could lower your score. 

To get the best possible score, you must answer every question. All responses must be longer than one second. If your response is less than one second, it will trigger an audio error. 

An error also appears after clicking through a question without responding.  

Even if you can’t repeat the whole phrase back, try to repeat as much as you can. Recording a more complete response will give you a better score.