The Speaking assessment is a listen and repeat test. You will be provided with a series of prompts that you will need to hear and then repeat aloud as best you can. 

Please follow these tips as you prepare for your assessment. 

Before starting, please note: 

  1. If you are using a computer, your internal microphone can be used for our assessment. However, we recommend using an external microphone or headset if you have one available.

  2. If you are testing on a mobile device, you will not need an external microphone or headset. However, please be aware of any background noise as mobile phones often capture any and all background noise. 

  3. It’s essential to test in an environment where you will not be interrupted or distracted. Emmersion’s automated speech recognition software “grades” everything it hears. If it picks up any audio other than your voice, it will count toward your score. 

  4. The assessment only takes about 15 minutes to complete, as such we ask that you give the assessment your full attention for the duration of the assessment. 

We strongly suggest using the test’s microphone check as a means to ensure you are able to record audio properly. The Microphone check will not be scored, but will help you ensure that your audio is clear and free of any background noise.

The microphone check consists of three prompts to listen and repeat. To play the prompt, click on the play button. You will only be able to hear the prompt once. 

Next, you will see a microphone button to show the recording has started. For best results, pause for a moment before repeating the prompt. 

While you speak, you should see a pulsating red stop icon. If it does not pulsate while you speak, your microphone is not capturing your audio. Click here for  more resources on how to fix this issue. <link to other Test Taker support article>

Once you have finished repeating the prompt, pause again for a moment, then click the red stop icon. 

Repeat this process for the next two prompts. You will then be asked to confirm that your recordings are clear and free of background noise. Listen to each audio sample all the way through, then answer “Yes” or “No.” 

While listening to your responses, check for background noise, audio distortion/static, and confirm that all of your audio was recorded correctly. Please remember that automated speech recognition scores everything it hears. If it hears anything other than your voice during the assessment, you may receive an inaccurate score.