The US State of Texas has a new law TX-RAMP which applies to all academic institutions operating in Texas and the vendors who service those institutions. Emmersion is aware of this law and has evaluated the information provided by the government of Texas including the information they provided in this document: TX-RAMP Overview by Matt Kelley Deputy CISO - Policy & Governance.

Required Certification Level

Emmersion provides automated language assessments to Texas academic institutions for the purpose of language program placement. Student names and emails are collected by Emmersion. The nature of service and the nature of PII collected do warrant Emmersion becoming compliant with TX-RAMP Level 1 Certification.

Roadmap to Certification

As stated in TX-RAMP Overview by Matt Kelley Deputy CISO - Policy & Governance all Texas academic institutions must require their TX-RAMP Level 1 vendors to be in compliance for new contracts starting January 1, 2023. For existing contracts the vendor must be in compliance before the contract renews.

Emmersion is working through the certification process to be compliant by January 1, 2023.

Please reach out to if you require additional information.