05/03/2022 – Version B.22.05

Version B.22.05 is the second version of the Tagalog Speaking Assessment and the first to be made available to customers. With data from a round of confirmation testing using the initial version, we were able to improve the precision of the scoring solution and item difficulty parameters. 

What’s improved

  • Poorly performing items were removed to make the version more efficient and accurate. 

  • Regression model to predict ability with a higher degree of reliability

03/01/2022 – Version A.22.03

Version A.22.03 is the first version for the Tagalog Speaking Assessment. We conducted a calibration pilot to determine the item and ability parameters to create an assessment form and accompanying scoring algorithm to best predict Tagalog speaking ability.

What’s improved

  • Used Rasch infit/outfit statistics to screen calibration data to the most informative items and response patterns

  • Incorporated regression model to predict ability with a high-degree of reliability