The TrueNorth speaking assessments and the WebCAPE assessments have built-in features to ensure the integrity of the score and to help assessment administrators to identify candidates whose results may be fraudulent.

WebCAPE Features


  • Secure Link Administrators can directly email a test candidate their link to complete the test through the administrator dashboard. This unique link then is tied directly to personal data (email) that you have provided giving you greater confidence that the person that takes the test is the person assigned to take the test. 

  • Identity Check: Before the test-taker can begin taking the test they confirm that they are the intended candidate and that they can show a photo identification up request.

  • Integrity Agreement before the test taker can begin taking the test they agree to the following actions. 1. They will take the test alone in a quiet place. 2. They will close all other applications and browser tabs. 3. They will turn-off and put away all other devices. 4. They will clear the area around them. The test taker confirms that they will follow these standards during the test. 

  • Test Duration on the administrator dashboard. Test administrators have at a glance the length of time the test candidate took to complete an assessment making it easy for them to identify problems. 

  • Disable Copy & Paste during the test flow, test takers cannot select text from the prompt, passage and answer sections of the test interface which makes them unable to use online translation resources. 

  • Disable Translation Extensions we have added code to the test interface that should disrupt many of the most frequently used translation extensions. This code solution indicates that content in the interface should not be automatically translated by translation extensions.

  • Adaptive - WebCAPE was one of the very earliest language test products to use an adaptive algorithm. From an extensive item bank, the test dynamically selects the next item to show a test taker based on their correct or incorrect response of each item. This results in test forms that are unique between test takers. In addition to more accurately assessing the language ability of the test taker, adaptivity makes it very difficult for a test taker to share with another test taker answers or test content. 

Coming Soon or Future Improvements

  • Test Event Log Administrators will be able to access a summary of key details about an individual test event including the number of instances the test was restarted,  the extent to which the duration of the test or time to complete individual items greatly exceeded norms, and if there is evidence that a test taker did not remain on the active test window during their tests.

Additional Resources

Below is a list of third party tools that current clients integrate with to meet enhanced security demands. If the above features are insufficient due to the unique use case of your organization, we can explore custom solutions that implement additional test security measures and resources. 

  • Examity integration - Examity presents scalable solutions to test taker authentication, with photo ID verification, live and recorded capture of test taker’s person, space and screen during the test, live proctoring.

  • Respondus Integration - Respondus can offer a solution for a lockdown browser to restrict any and all other browser activity. 

Figure 1. Identity Check.

Figure 2. Integrity Agreement