Emmersion Subscription Payment Model

Our subscription payment model allows you to manage your plan on your terms so you can continually experience the value of TrueNorth’s language certification platform without disruption.

Emmersion offers an annual subscription valid for one year from your purchase date. Entering into a subscription allows you to access volume discounts for assessments by making an annual commitment.

Subscription account administrators can view Plan Details and Usage in the Account Settings.

This enables better planning and forecasting to make sure you have the right subscription allotment to support your language certification needs across Emmersion products.

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go allows you to pay for additional assessments you use as you use them. Once you’ve used all of your purchased assessments, you can continue to use additional assessments without disruption. Each assessment used after the original purchase amount will be billed at the same volume-discounted rate of your initial subscription. There are no “overdraft” fees or price-markups on additional assessments.

If you do not want to use any additional assessments beyond your original purchased amount, you can opt out of Pay As You Go.

If you do not wish to purchase a volume-discounted subscription, you can still get started with a Pay As You Go subscription.  This allows you to only pay for what you use as you use it. This model is best for smaller accounts who do not want to make a large purchase, or other accounts that wish to try Emmersion for a time before making a commitment. The price is fixed at $10/assessment for both speaking and writing assessments. Your account will be billed monthly at the beginning of each month for assessments used during the previous month.