Date: November 29, 2021

We’re excited to announce that the Emmersion Writing Assessment is now available in both English and Spanish!

Emmersion’s assessment development process is rigorous and designed to ensure the highest quality assessment experience while maintaining a fast and simple user experience. The Writing assessments accomplish exactly that.

Feature Overview:

  • Multi-skill. Emmersion Writing assesses test-takers’ ability in writing, grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills.

  • Granular, accurate scoring. The assessment is scored on our 100-point TrueNorth ® scale—the most granular language scoring scale on the market that we also use to score our Speaking assessments.

  • Language Focus. Assessment content for the writing assessments is exclusively in the language of the assessment. (The Spanish Reading/Grammar assessment has previously required knowledge of English to complete, and that has been corrected.) 

  • CEFR equivalency. Equivalent scores on the Common European Framework of Reference are provided.

  • Fully-Adaptive. The writing assessment adapts to the ability of the test-taker and features a combination of multiple choice and open response questions.

  • Open Response Writing. Test-takers are given a prompt at their ability level. They have up to 8 minutes to compose a long form response that can be reviewed by account administrators.

  • 15 minutes. The Writing Assessment’s updated adaptive scoring algorithm allows for it to be completed very quickly, even with the added written portion. The average time to complete the assessment is about 15 minutes.

  • Certificate. The previous English and Spanish Reading/Grammar assessments did not provide a certificate to the candidate. The Writing assessments do have a certificate that is downloadable by account administrators and test-takers (if enabled by your organization.)

Click here to try a sample English Writing or Spanish Writing assessment.