Screen Capture Release

Announcing a Security Enhancement to Language Assessments

Online assessments are not immune to attempts at cheating and fraud. In order to improve the confidence in the integrity of our language assessments, we have released a new security enhancement.

In addition to the Integrity Pledge, we’ve added a feature to capture test-takers’ screens to ensure they aren’t using any aides during the assessment. This feature includes the following:

  • Test-takers will now be prompted to enable screen capturing during their assessment

  • The system will take screenshots at various intervals to detect any suspicious behavior

  • The test-taker instructions have been simplified to ensure this doesn’t add time to the assessment administration

Screen Capture SetupPrompt for screen capture setup

Enabling screen capture

Enabling screen capture


Does the screen capturing work for all assessments?

  • This feature works on all Emmersion speaking and writing assessments for all languages. 

  • This feature does not work on WebCAPE assessments at this time.

Does screen capturing work for test-takers using a mobile device?

  • No, screen capturing does not yet work for mobile devices.

How do I enable screen capture on my browser?

Will the screen capture increase the amount of time spent on the assessment by the test-taker?

  • No. We’ve streamlined other areas of the instructions, including removing unnecessary steps and combining others, to ensure the overall time spent by test-takers will not increase.