You may be asked to take an Emmersion Language Assessment as a placement exam for your university. This may seem intimidating, but there's no need to stress! No matter what language you are testing for, we want to share a few tips to take to prepare yourself.

Take a deep breath. 

Our language assessments are designed to eliminate bias while providing quick, reliable results. Keep in mind that your assessment results will make sure you are appropriately placed in the proper level language course. Before you start your assessment, try to relax so that you can show your best self in the assessment. 


Create and prepare a calm testing environment. 

Many universities allow students to take their placement exam in a remote setting. If you are taking a test remotely, not on campus, expect to spend 15-20 minutes on the exam and then limit all distractions during that time. Emmersion's language assessment can be taken on any device, including laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. Use a device that you feel most comfortable with, and take time to turn off or mute any notifications that may pop up during the assessment. If you are in a shared space, let others around you know that you are planning to take an assessment for a certain amount of time. A noise-reducing headset may also help you concentrate during the exam.


Pace yourself.

The most common mistake test-takers make is rushing through instructions. Our tests are timed, so use your time wisely to read and understand them! Our tests are also adaptive, meaning the test adapts between higher- and lower-level questions based upon your responses to previous items. Not reading the instructions could cause you to incorrectly answer questions at your appropriate language level.


Warm up.

The best strategy for warming up is to relax, clear your space from distractions, and dedicate your focus to the exam. You may even want to take some time reading material in your test language to get you warmed up.