1. Select “Get Started” next to “Send via Email”  

  1. Enter the email address of each candidate you would like to invite to take an assessment

    1. Type the email address of each candidate in the input field 

    2. Use the “Bulk upload” option to enter large amounts of email addresses quickly

    3. You may also copy and paste email addresses directly into the input field 

  1. Select “Continue” or the “Assessments” section and select the assessments you would like to send 

    1. Each candidate will get a separate invitation for each assessment you select

  1. Select “Continue” or “Groups” to proceed to the groups section 

    1. Select or create any group tags for your candidates 

    2. Groups can be used for sorting results data

    3. Users can be tagged for more than one group 

    4. You may skip the Groups section if you wish 

  1. Select “Continue” or “Custom Message” 

    1. You may add custom text to the email Emmersion will send to your candidates

    2. You may skip the Custom Message section if you wish 

  1. Select “Review” 

    1. Make sure the correct candidates, groups, and custom message are included

  1. Select “Send email”

    1. Once the emails have been sent you will land on a confirmation page

    2. The email will come from no-reply@emmersion.ai 

    3. The subject line will read: Emmersion Language Test for [your account]


For other options for sending assessments, see: