10/14/2020 – Version D.20.09

With this version, we release full adaptivity in Part 1- Listen and Repeat. After each question in Part 1, the scoring engine updates its ability estimate and selects the next question based on what task will provide the most information about the test taker’s ability. As a test taker meets the challenge of a task, the next task will likely be more difficult. As the test items become too difficult for the test taker, the next task will become easier. The introduction of adaptivity also affords many improvements as listed below. You can find out more about this version update to the TrueNorth test here

NOTE: Which user confirms the update to this version will be recorded in the version history.

Technical Details

What’s improved

  • Reduced Part 1 - Listen and Repeat from 30 tasks to 12-20 tasks depending on test taker performance.
  • Increased accuracy with tasks dynamically adapting to match test-taker ability.
  • Enhanced barriers to cheating and test fraud.

What’s fixed

  • Consistency in prompt audio throughout the test with use of a single voice. 
  • Ensured continuity with Version C.19.3 with aligned test scores.
  • Removed the progress bar through Part 1.
  • Faster and more reliable audio downloads and uploads

4/17/2019 – Version C.19.04

Version C.19.04 was a relatively minor incremental change which applied more aggressive item filtering to remove misfitting response patterns from the calibration data set. Removing the misfitting response patterns resulted in stronger criterion validity between the TrueNorth Score and the ACTFL scale. This in turn improved the agreement between the TrueNorth score and the ACTFL levels obtained through an OPI.

Technical Details:

  • Improved data screening process incorporating Rasch infit/outfit statistics