Access to the administrator portal of your Emmersion account should always be done on an individual basis. We do not allow for shared login credentials for groups of people. 

You can view the admins on your account and add additional admins from within your account settings. 

To do so, click on the Settings tab at the top of the page from within the admin portal. 

On the left-hand menu select “Administrators”. 

To add a new Administrator, first enter the email of the individual you would like to add and click ‘Add’. You will then be prompted to verify the email invite to the new admin to join your account and have access to administrator privileges and data.

Once you have clicked ‘Send’, the new administrator will be sent a link where they will be able to set up their account. The new Administrator will have up to 7 days to activate their account. 

If the link expires, they will need to be added again. 

Once the new admin clicks the provided link, they will be brought to a page with some instructions. 

Then they will be prompted to enter their First Name, Last Name and create a Password.

Once they agree to the Terms and Conditions and click ‘Create Account’ they will see a confirmation message that they have successfully created their account.

For future access to the admin portal, they can return to to log in.

At this time, there is just one level of access and privilege for all admins. If you would like an admin removed, please reach out to our Support team at