You can view your Assessment Usage on the dashboard. There you will be able to see all information regarding your account usage. 

Assessments have three different statuses to indicate progress with their test. These statuses correspond to when a test license is consumed as follows: 

  • Not Started” = A test has been assigned to the test-taker and they have registered their account. No licenses have been consumed. 

  • In Progress = The test-taker has begun the test and a license has been consumed. 

  • Completed” =  The test has been completed and the test-taker has received their score. 

If a test-taker has registered but not yet started an assessment, the status will remain “Not Started” until the assessment expires or the test is started. Assessments expire 30 days from the time of registration if a test-taker does not start the assessment. Once an assessment is "In Progress" there is no expiration.

If you have any questions regarding your license totals you can reach out to or contact your Client Success Manager.