WebCAPE English Grammar has been replaced with a new and improved writing assessment called English Writing. You can find the results of the English Writing Assessments in the Emmersion tab of your Admin dashboard.  

This test is different than WebCAPE English Grammar in a few ways:

  • The results of the English Writing assessment are on the TrueNorth scale. This is a 100 point scale that gives the most granular view of language proficiency on the market. In addition, the equivalent CEFR level is shown (and has been updated based on a new scoring algorithm.)

  • The English Writing assessment was built on the foundation of the technology that has been in over 1,000 Universities over the past 15 years. 

  • The English Writing assessment includes an open response writing component. Test Takers are presented with a prompt at a difficulty level based on their ability. They have up to eight (8) minutes to type a response. The entirety of their response is presented to administrators. With the automatic score paired with the sample of their writing, this provides a very strong view of their overall non-verbal language proficiency.

  • Test takers now receive a TrueNorth certificate with every assessment. This is similar to what is presented for all of our Speaking assessments.

Evaluating the English written proficiency score paired with the test taker's open response submission give you a holistic view of the candidate's writing and grammar abilities.