Thresholds allow you to make consistent decisions faster. You can attach a custom label to score ranges for each assessment, and use that label to identify and filter candidates on the results table. 


To access the thresholds feature navigate to the “Assessments” tab under “Settings” in the admin portal and select the assessment where you would like to add a threshold. The thresholds functionality will appear in the dropdown.   

Settings > Assessments > Select an assessment  


Once you have selected an assessment a dropdown menu will appear. By default there are no thresholds applied to your assessment. 

Click the “Add Threshold” button to begin adding your thresholds. Once selected you will see options for two score ranges divided equally. This creates a single threshold where assessments that score in one range will have one label applied and assessments that score in the other range will have a separate label applied.

To adjust the scale for each range click the value you wish to adjust. You may type the new value in the editable space provided or use the up/down arrows to increment the value. 

NOTICE: the application will enforce that the full score range is defined and will automatically adjust the adjacent range to match. 

Once you have defined the ranges for your desired threshold you may apply a label to each score range. The label will be displayed in the “Thresholds” column on the assessment results table. This name can be changed at any time and will apply retroactively to all assessment data and appear in the report download. 

If you desire to add additional thresholds you may do so by clicking the “Add Threshold” button. The new threshold will be placed at the upper end of the score range (bottom of the list) and will modify the current top level threshold; be sure to adjust the score range to your desired value.

Once you have added the desired amount of thresholds, and given each range a name you will need to save your work before the changes are applied by clicking the save button. Once saved the save button will become inactive.  If you wish to discard your changes before you have saved them you may do so by navigating away from the tab and selecting “Discard”.