The Identity Check and Integrity Agreement are features intended to reduce fraud behaviors. Research into cheating prevention suggests that one way to reduce cheating is by enhancing a test taker’s sense of self. Most people associate this sense of self with honesty. With this elevated sense from the Identity Check, the test taker commits to the expected behaviors of the test on the Integrity Agreement. The timing of this is deliberate. Research confirms that this type of Integrity Agreement committed to immediately before a test begins is effective at reducing and eliminating a significant number of fraud behaviors. The Integrity Agreement also ensures that someone doesn’t inadvertently engage in fraud behaviors as a result of misunderstanding the expectations of the test.

Identity Check

Before the test-taker can begin taking the test they confirm that they are the intended candidate and that they can show a photo identification up request.


Integrity Agreement

Before the test taker can begin taking the test they agree to the following actions. 1. They will take the test alone in a quiet place. 2. They will close all other applications and browser tabs. 3. They will turn-off and put away all other devices. 4. They will clear the area around them. The test taker confirms that they will follow these standards during the test. They are also notified that the test administrator will receive audio recordings that can inform them if these standards were met.