To access the score report for TrueNorth Assessments, go to your admin dashboard and you can click on a user. You will then see the detailed Score Report. The score reports are a little bit different for the different assessment types. 

On the score report for a TrueNorth Speaking assessment, you’ll see the TrueNorth score. This is scored from 0.1 to 10.0. You will also see the equivalent score for a few different scales, including ACTFL and CEFR. If the assessment included the Open Response portion, you will be able to listen to the audio recordings from that section.

On the score report for WebCAPE Reading & Grammar assessments, you’ll see the WebCAPE score and the Placement level that corresponds to that score. The placement levels can be customized for your organization in the Settings Menu. If the assessment included the Pre-assessment survey, you will also see those responses in the section titled “Survey Details” 

Additionally, on the WebCAPE score report, you have the option of adding a Note. To add a note on the report, click “Add Note” at the top right corner of the score report. Here you will be given a place to enter a note for that user that you will be able to see from the Dashboard as well.