Creating groups can be helpful for filtering a subset of data. You can add users to a group manually, or you can set users to be automatically added to a group when they click an assignment link that you have associated with that group. You can create groups from the Groups tab or while you are assigning a test. 

The Groups tab is located on the top of the page. When you click on it you will be brought to the Groups homepage. 

To create a new group you can select the “+ New Group” button. After you have clicked that button you can enter a Group Name. 

Here you can add or remove candidates from the group selected using the scrolling menu. Once you have completed your changes make sure to click ‘Save Group’

Additionally you can create a new group while Assigning Assessments to New Candidates. If you are assigning assessments there will be an  “Add to Group(s)”  option. You can select from existing groups using the dropdown menu.

Right of the Dropdown Menu there is an option to give a new group a name and then create a new group using the “+” button. All groups selected for an assignment will be highlighted to indicate the groups you have selected.