Creating groups can be helpful for filtering a subset of data. You can add users to a group manually, or you can set users to be automatically added to a group when they click an assignment link that you have associated with that group. 

Creating groups happens from the Dashboard page. First click on the drop down “Filter by group” and then click on the button “Create group”. A pop up window will appear. Here you will type in the desired group name. On the the right you can add existing users to the group and on the left you can remove any users from the group. Once you are finished click on save changes and the group will be created. 

To edit an existing group click on the drop down for groups. Then click on the three dots next to the group you wish to edit. There will be a drop down that will allow you to edit, delete, and assign tests directly to the selected group. When you select the edit group option a small pop up will appear that they will allow you to rename and add or remove users from the selected group. Click “Save changes” and the group will be updated successfully.

To understand how to automatically assign users to a group, please see the instructions for Assigning Assessments to New Candidates.