The Administrator Dashboard

The administrator dashboard is the central hub of the Emmersion administrator portal. On the dashboard, you can find candidates, view assessment data, and view your assessment usage.

Find a candidate

After an assessment candidate has completed an assessment, the quickest way to find them is to search for their name or email address in the Find a Candidate search panel. Once you have found the candidate you are looking for you can click on their name to view the score report associated with the assessment shown next to their name.

Assessment usage

If you are on a subscription payment model, you can find your assessment usage by clicking on settings, then click on Plan Details & Usage.

Subscription Usage

if you are on a pre-paid plan, you will see a panel that displays how many assessments have been used and how many remain during the contract year for each assessment you have on your account. 

Assessments are counted as used once a candidate starts the assessment.

Assessment results table

The Assessment Results table displays, in chronological order from most recent to least recent, every assessment that has been completed or is in progress on your account. Click on a row to view the detailed score report for that assessment.

Table filters

The results table can be filtered by groups, score range, and assessments to help you focus on the particular data set that you are looking for. A single filter can be used or you can use multiple filters in combination.

Download data

If you want to view and manipulate the assessment data for your account in a .csv file, click on the “Download Data” button found at the top right of the Assessment Results panel.

Before your data downloads, you will be presented with a window where you can select a date range, the type of assessments you want to download, whether or not to include incomplete assessments, which specific assessments you want to be included, and which groups you want to download data for.