Each time you login you will be taken first to the dashboard page. On this page you can view your available licenses, view score data by candidate, and download your data to a .CSV file.


Near the top of the screen you’ll see an area for Assessment Usage. If you click on “Assessment Usage” a dropdown will appear showing you how many licenses you have used and how many are remaining for a given assessment. When you are running low on licenses for an assessment, you will see a red bar at the top of your screen as a warning message. 

Below the Assessment Usage area you’ll find the score dashboards. There are three potential tabs you will see. The first tab is a combined view showing both Reading & Grammar assessment scores and the Speaking assessment scores for a given candidate. If you only have one assessment type in your account, you will not see this combined data tab. The second and third tabs are score data views for the different types of assessments. On each of these tabs you can view scores in a table or search for a specific user. You can choose to sort the data by a column by clicking the column label. You can also change which columns are viewed with the “Hide Columns” menu. You can filter the data by Group or by Language to view a subset of the data. To filter by groups, click on the filter by group drop down menu and you will see any previous groups and the option to create a group. To filter by language click on the “filter by language” to reveal a drop-down that shows all available languages to filter by.

In addition to viewing the score data via the dashboard, you also have the option to download the data to a .CSV file. To do so, click on “Download Data” at the top right of the dashboard. A pop up will appear and give you some options. If you want to download data from a specific date range select “Specify range” and enter your start date and end date. Next you will choose between the WebCAPE and TrueNorth Tests.If you want to include the incomplete tests you can select that as well. Next you can choose to filter by language and by group. Then click “download” and your report will be generated. This report will be downloaded as a .CSV file.