Interval Testing is a feature used for organizations that want to have candidates retake the same assessment again after a specified period of time. With interval testing enabled, an assessment will automatically become available in their test-taker dashboard after the specified period of time. If you would like these features, please reach out to and they will be able to enable it for your account. To customize your interval testing settings, first click “Assign Assessments” in the menu bar and then select “Assign to New Candidates” from the drop-down. At the top of the next page there will be a section for “Interval Testing”. Select the settings option and a pop up will appear. Here you can select the time between assessment attempts, the limit of total tests available to a candidate or the number of tests within 12 months and whether or not to make the test unavailable after a specific period of time. Please note that when interval testing is enabled, the settings will apply account wide, across all of your assessments.