There are two ways to assign an assessment. In this video we’ll review how to assign assessments to new candidates. A new candidate is someone who has never taken a test on your platform before. 

To assign the assessments, first click on “Assign Assessments” in the menu bar. Then select “Assign to New Candidates” in the drop-down. Assigning assessments to new candidates is always done by creating a link and sending it to the user. 

You’ll first select which tests you want to be available to the user when they click the link. 

If you select three assessments, all three assessments will be considered “assigned” to the user. They then will have 30 days to begin the assessment before the assigned test is no longer available to them.

After selecting the assessments, you can choose if you want the users who receive this assignment link to automatically be added to a previously created group. If you haven’t already created the desired group, return to the Dashboard page and create it there.

Next you have 2 options for link delivery. You may choose between a secure link and generic link. With the secure link method you add the email(s) of the individuals that you want to assign tests to and they receive a system generated email with a unique link that can only be used one-time and expires after seven days. 

You can also choose to add a custom message to the candidates. You can preview the email that will be sent by clicking “Preview Email”. Once you are satisfied with your selections click “Send Emails” and wait for the green confirmation message to appear that the emails were sent.”

With the generic link method you will generate a link that can be used over and over again to assign the selected assessments and add users to the selected groups. Once you have selected the Generic link option and you are satisfied with the assessment and group selections, click “Generate link”. You can shorten the link to make it easier to copy and distribute the link. The generic link is less secure because it can be used by anyone who has access to it, any number of times.